Laumann sex survey

Active surveillance of sexual behaviour among homosexual men in London. Validation of survey results with those obtained from in-depth interviewing has also been used. Heinz, Robert Nelson, and Robert Salisbury. With a call-in system, respondents telephone a live interviewer; with call-out, live interviewers screen households and recruit participants. However, even if very high response rates were achieved, estimates of rarer behaviours remain sensitive to participation bias and there are no simple techniques to reduce their effect in analysis. Of those age 50, 22 percent of women and 8 percent of men reported no partnered sex in the past year. Should people who read the survey take it literally? These methods are well suited to complex questionnaires since skips and routing can be automatically programmed without respondents having to follow complex instructions on paper.

Laumann sex survey

Michael , John Gagnon , Stuart Michaels , and Martina Morris - won a competition, first conceived by the NICHD in July , to undertake a national survey of individuals' sexual practices and the social and sexual networks in which they occur. In contrast, 37 percent of the younger women who participated in the survey said the reason they had sex for the first time was peer pressure, and only 35 percent said it was out of affection for their partner. Detailed behavioural surveys may require elaborate skip and filtering instructions, which are difficult to follow. Social Network Analysis[ edit ] In the mids, Laumann introduced the idea of studying individual social networks via surveys - an approach that led to the creation of widely available network data such as those in the General Social Survey. The reasons have changed over the decades. The survey found that Americans are having modest amounts of sex. Computer assisted techniques, by improving internal consistency and increasing privacy and interviewee control, offer exciting possibilities for improving survey validity. He was the editor of the American Journal of Sociology from to and from to Four percent of women report having had a sexual encounter with another woman as an adult, while 1. In the s, a series of partner studies examined the transmission probability of heterosexual transmission of HIV. Laumann was hired as an assistant professor of sociology at the University of Michigan in , where he was the principal investigator of the Detroit Area Study. Computer assisted self interviews CASI are increasingly being used where the respondents key their response to questions on the screen directly into a laptop computer. Inspired in part by W. In both cases, participation bias may have led to an overestimation of HIV risk behaviours which counteracts the observed tendency for survey respondents to minimise or underreport the frequency and diversity of their sexual behaviour. These figures were obtained from earlier research. Laumann and Gina Kolata Nelson, and Rebecca L. Interviewers can explain the rationale and format of a survey directly, and they may have a motivating effect on the respondent, by providing full, clear definitions, probing ambiguous responses, or querying inconsistent answers. Journal of Official Statistics ;8: Social desirability bias may also be influenced by data collection modes, with self completion modules typically eliciting higher rates of sensitive behaviours than face to face interviews see below. While many people have experienced oral sex, it occurs in a minority of sexual encounters. Table 2 shows differences between age groups in the prevalence of masturbation that track differences between these same groups in the prevalence of oral sex, especially for men. For example, in NATSAL, self reported abortion showed a good approximation to national statutory reports, although there was some evidence of underreporting of STD clinic attendance. Johnson et al 3 reported increased disclosure of censured behaviours for example, homosexual experience in self completion compared with face to face questioning. Am J Public Health ;

Laumann sex survey

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