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Rather, according to the testimony, this characterization of Mundy was first brought up by defense counsel, on Mundy's behalf, during Sprude's investigation of this case, in an apparent attempt to explain why Mundy was not guilty of the allegations that he had sexually molested his grandchildren. This assignment of error is overruled. Accordingly, appellant's second assignment of error has merit. Brannon, read the notes that I had taken from the gentleman's [children's] interviews. Additionally, there is an issue of whether appellant's statements to Detective Weiss were made while he was still under the influence of alcohol although he was properly Mirandized, which raises a serious question regarding the validity of appellant's waiver of his rights.

James vernon seiber sex offender ohio

This examination was wholly inadequate to meet the prosecution's burden to overcome the presumption of incompetence. We have reviewed the remarks about which Mundy complains in the context of the prosecutor's entire closing argument. Mundy cites State v. We conclude that the conduct forbidden by R. The Julians did not report the incident to the police until Thursday afternoon, June 17, , when they went to the Kent Police Department. With the filial obligation of obedience to a parent, the same degree of force and violence may not be required upon a person of tender years, as would be required were the parties more nearly equal in age, size and strength. The instruction given permits the jury to convict if it finds that Mundy's degree or state of intoxication would not impair the perception of a reasonable person. At the time of the alleged incident appellant had been out of contact with the Julian family for about six months; the incident took place on the first night appellant returned to Kent. We will begin by addressing appellant's third argument in support of his claim of ineffectiveness-the admission of Amanda's testimony without objection. We have examined the remarks about which Mundy now complains. Julian then told appellant he should leave and drove appellant and Ketterman to the hotel in which she lived and worked. They get paid their salary from Children's Medical Center. Barnecut , 44 Ohio App. The assignments of error presented by Mundy are discussed below in the order in which they were presented. When a criminal offense specifies a culpable mental state, a finding of guilt is precluded unless the state proves both the offender's prohibited conduct or actions and the requisite degree of culpability. Well, I can assume that they weren't good because I've read the transcript of testimony of the children. Even assuming arguendo that parental care may fall within the ambit of the first Amendment expression, R. Mundy objected to the court's refusal to give that particular instruction and the other instructions requested. A review of the trial record demonstrates that Mundy aggressively challenged the testimony by his accusers in this case, his own grandchildren, in an effort to demonstrate that various adult family members as well as law enforcement officials had convinced these children through repeated coaching and indoctrination that Mundy had touched them in a sexual manner when, in fact, nothing of that nature had occurred. The language utilized, and more particularly the culpable mental state requirement that the offender's touching of the prohibited areas of the body be done for the purpose or specific intention of sexual arousal or gratification, leaves no discretion as to application and enforcement of that statute. No violation of the discovery rules has been demonstrated on this record. He never even tried to contact the people who conducted the interviews. In this regard, a properly licensed attorney is presumed to be competent; thus, judicial scrutiny of an attorney's performance must be highly deferential. In this case, the judge conducted the hearing on this issue on July 26, , upon motion of the prosecution. It is evident from this record that the sexual abuse of the two prospective jurors here occurred many years ago, and that experience no longer actively influenced their lives. A mental state is not, absent an admission of it, readily evident to an onlooker. Thus, Mundy argues that the trial court's failure to require proof of his purpose or specific intent removed the very safeguard that protects R.

James vernon seiber sex offender ohio

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    The child's appearance, demeanor, manner of answering questions posed, and the presence or absence of indications of coaching are factors the trial court should consider in determining a child's competence to testify. Based upon the jurors' demeanor and their answers to questions put to them by the court and the parties, the trial court determined that the two jurors could be fair and impartial and overruled Mundy's challenges for cause.


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